Through Cold Wave, Gothic rock compositions, Human’s music speaks of human nature through all its facets. Like self awareness in this first track “Last exit before the crash”.
Music : Franck LIGABUE
Lyrics : François GUYON
Video by : Zaćma Visual Studio (Poland)
Actor : Tomasz

2018 sees the launch of Human. This is the video clip of the song that open the first album (self titled nine track album released in december 2018).

Paroles / Lyrics

I open my eyes, face an empty room
Everything seems so old
Dust everywhere, I must have been
Sleeping, sleeping, oh sleeping for years

Nothing has changed, but it’s time,
I know it’s time, my body’s sour
The wake is hard,
But it’s time, I know it’s time
Time to stand up
And leave the old chair

I’ve been here for too long
The need of the sun’s growing stronger
Overtake the comfort of the night
And if I fear the light
‘Cos I know I’ll be blind,
I know it’s time to go… away

Time to go away, no matter why
Got to find a way, away…, out of here

Feel the emptiness crawling inside
Smell the madness rising again
Wonder why you’re trapped in yourself
Asking why… you feel so hollow

Losing control of your own world
Keep an eye on the nearest wall
Try to keep up on the road
Try to crawl to your goal
Keep up on the road, and crawl to your goal… away

Got to go away, no matter why
Got to find a way, away…, far from here

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