Through Post-punk, Cold wave, Gothic rock compositions, Human’s music speaks of human nature through all its facets. Like the need of living (Breakin ‘up the shackles).
Music : Franck LIGABUE, Hervé CARLES, Nicolas MONS
Lyrics : Franck LIGABUE
Video by : Zaćma Visual Studio (Poland)
Actor : Tomasz

2018 sees the launch of Human. This is the video clip of the song that close the first album (self titled nine track album released in december 2018).

Paroles / Lyrics

I wanna run thru life
And I wanna run for gold
Not for silver, I worth better
I wanna run before I’m old
I’d rather be trying my luck
I’d rather face my fears
Than wasting time in deathly hours
And feed myself with “c’est la vie”

‘Cos life…,
Life is not a thing to waste
Life is far too short to fake

Is there a real good reason why
Is there a tragic fate in me
To stay stuck in my inner lies
Surrounded by my fantasies
Am I too weak for facing life
To become what I wanna be
Am I condemned to lose and fail
And live my life by proxy

And dream the ocean, dream the ocean
Dream the ocean, dream the ocean

I should burry my deepest fears
I should break this fuckin’ shell
Burn down pains, doubts, wipe up the tears
And run away from this living hell

And dive the ocean, dive the ocean
Dive the ocean, feel emotion

Then embracing the skies
Take a deep breath
For taking flight
Up there, where eagles dare
Find out, who I really am …

But what if I’m not strong enough ?

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