The second album “Burning Icons” that will be released in 2021, keeps on bringing the listener to the universe of Human where the suffering of a lived isolation and misunderstanding expresses itself. The absurdity of life and society sentence mankind to find a singular journey where idealizations and misguided landmarks will have to be stripped of in order to finally find Freedom. The author assert himself in his desire of opening and emancipation through melancholic, poetic and committed compositions.

All musics, lyrics and arrangements by Franck LIGABUE except :
“Circus Mind” arranged by Franck LIGABUE and Nicolas BAUDRY
“Blue Monday” Bernard SUMNER, Stephen MORRIS, Peter HOOK, Gillian GILBERT
“The Challenge” Times
All instruments and vocals performed by Franck LIGABUE
Album recorded, mixed and produced by Franck LIGABUE
Album masterised by David-Alexandre PARQUIER for “Les Jardins de Verre” Audio Production (

Release : 2021 by Icy Cold Records ( and

Burning Icons
CD : 12 tracks

1 – My Family
2 – Brighter Days
3 – Let It Rain
4 – Killing Stares
5 – Pride
6 – Creeping On Earth
7 – Circus Mind
8 – Holy Shame
9 – Rusty Lock
10 – Human Dream

CD bonus track :
11 – Blue Monday (“New Order” cover)
12 – The Challenge (“Venus In Furs” cover)

Artwork: Nicolas BAUDRY
Layout: Nicolas BAUDRY
Logo: Nicolas MONS

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