In preview, a song from “Burning Icons” the second album of HUMAN which will be released by Icy Cold Records meanwhile 2020. “Creeping On Earth” on DJ Epitaph Youtube channel : “Worldwide Underground Music”.

Who is DJ Epith ? ” Since 2010 DJ Epitaph is a proud promoter of Underground music. A lot of bands, artists and more had/have their origins here or have been revalued after long time. DJ Epitaph makes compilations, sets, videoclips and so on. As independent DJ I use to spin all the underground music […]

News by Pierre Sopor : “HUMAN illustre Hypnophobia en vidéo”. VerdamMnis Magazine (France)

VerdamMnis is a music magazine based in France, Germany & Japan which provides informative articles, reviews, interviews, photos & videos. Extract : ” HUMAN est l’aventure initiée seul par Franck Ligabue (ex-SOROR DOLOROSA) et dont nous avions beaucoup aimé le premier album (chronique). Désormais entouré d’autres musiciens, Ligabue a prévu de sortir Burning Icons, le deuxième album de […]