Human first album – Vinyl


Vinyl 180gr. black Edition + Inner sleeve including lyrics
Through indie rock, cold wave and gothic rock compositions, Human’s music speaks of human nature through all its facets. Like self awareness (Last exit before the crash), the feeling of lack of control over life (Feeding the ocean), the fear of death (Hypnophobia), the regrets related to the passing of time (The Wheel), the phantasm of the great love (Quai des Etroits), the introspection (Cage the monster), the access to the fullness (this part of me), the loss of a loved one (window pain) or the desire to live (Breakin’up the shackles).

Musics, lyrics by Franck Ligabue
All tracks arranged and performed by Franck Ligabue
This album has been recorded, mixed and mastered by Benoît Roux at the Drudenhaus Studio between may and october 2018. Except guitar parts recorded by Wilfrid Boissonneau and Sylvain Martinie at My Ohm Studio in July 2018.
Artwork by Anne-Céline Marie
Layout by Nicolas Baudry
Logo by Nicolas Mons
CD and Vinyl edited by Icy Cold Records, France

  1. Last exit before the crash 03:46
  2. Feeding the ocean 04:33
  3. Quai des étroits 04:19
  4. The wheel 03:07
  5. Hypnophobia 03:46
  6. Cage the monster 05:27
  7. This part of me 03:45
  8. Window pain 04:35
  9. Breakin’up the shackles 08:22

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