“The Wave of Things” by André Savetier : “Hello and welcome to The Wave of Things, my name is André Savetier. “Music was my first love” – since I can remember, music played a huge role in my life. During my teenage years I found my way into the darker kind of music. Eventually I decided to become a music anthropologist. As such I am not only interested in the music itself, but also in the people behind it. Therefore, whenever I have got the time and opportunity, I am talking with musicians from the dark alternative/new wave scene on this channel. I love a good story and a good laugh.
The Wave of Things is a place for dark alternative and new wave music, popular culture, and interesting places I have visited.”

Interview on YouTube :
“Talk with FRANCK HUMAN · The Wave of Things #87
THE WAVE OF THINGS: Had a great talk with Franck Ligabue, the frontman of the French goth rock band HUMAN and former member of legendary band SOROR DOLOROSA!” by André Savetier

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