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“The Sound Of Darkness | Vol. 0. This is actually the first mix recorded when I, initially, had the idea for TSOD mix series. It was recorded some months ago, back in March 2019, but was never uploaded. Therefore, it was given the volume number 0. There were times that I thought that I wouldn’t share this, since it was mixed in an emotional period, and I thought I wanted to keep it…
Including post-punk,cold wave and dark-wave sounds this is another piece of my Darkness! Enjoy it while driving, while walking, in your office, in your afternoon coffee, in your late night drink. Make sure you play it in high volume.
Featuring Beastmilk, In Letter Form, Whispering Sons, COLD CAVE, SJÖBLOM, Soror Dolorosa, Push Button Press, Human, Principe Valiente, The Exploding Boy, Ego Eris, HAPAX, Atomic Neon, Echoes of Silence” Akill


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