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Human been created by Franck LIGABUE in 2018 in Rouen (France). Franck, author, composer, performer, expresses in this musical creation his lived sensitive experiences: perceptions, feelings, sentiments, impressions, images are revealed.

This unique artistic universe, deeply human, created and proposed to the world, is the fruit of a singular journey.

Franck began to play in bands at 12 years old, he had a chance to build his own identity through his career as a confirmed musician: drummer, guitarist, pianist, bassist, trombonist. In 2007, he created, with three other musicians, the band Soror Dolorosa, where he held a prominent place thanks to which he was able to leave genuinely free his creative sensitivity. Determined, involved, applied, in Soror Dolorosa he participated in the creation of an EP in 2009 “Severance”, three LPs between 2011 and 2017 “Blind scene”, “No more heroes”, “Apollo”, and a live DVD “Rive gauche” in 2017. Soror Dolorosa opened for Alcest during the “soul wandering tour” in 2012 and played in many venues (Bus Palladium, Le Klub, Viper Room, Purple Turtle, UT Connevitz, La Boule Noire, Le Ferrailleur…) and several European festivals (Wave Gothic Treffen, Dark Bombastik, Entremuralhas, Semana Gothica, Castle Party, Return To The Batcave Festival, Melting Sound Festival, Dark Spring Festival…).

During the writing of “Apollo”, Soror Dolorosa’s third LP, a second guitarist joined the band. In order to let all the musicians express their creativity, Franck decided to stop composing guitar parts for the band. It was fundamental for him that the band’s music was a true reflection of all the identities involved.
But Franck still felt the need to write songs. Human came to life of this need as a side-project that became the main project since the severance from Soror Dolorosa.

Today, rich in these experiences, Franck proposes this new project Human where he assures the singing, guitar and plays live with confirmed musicians very involved : Nicolas BAUDRY (bass), Sébastien DURAND (guitar).
It’s the birth of Human as a live band.

Franck is a D.I.Y. artist. He writes all musics and lyrics, does all arrangements, performs all instruments and vocals, and produces the albums. However, beautiful encounters have given rise to one-off artistic collaborations, some of them go on like with Nicolas BAUDRY.

The year 2019 was meaningful for Human, the first album has been very well received. It’s the year of the the launch of Human on stage. On February 2nd, they shared the stage of the Supersonic venue with the American band Tempers. On March 7th, they opened for The Opposition at the famous Bus Palladium venue, show organized by “Le Boucanier” who is the main support of the gothic scene in France. The audience marveled expressed having taken a “good slap” and emphasized the “charisma of the singer”: “beautiful discovery in the opening of The Opposition.” “Three guitars in front, it’s rare, it’s good, it’s Human”.
Live, Human gives off a beautiful rock energy where the voice combining strength and delicacy, transports to introspective landscapes sensitive, sensory, disturbing and touching. The basis of this effect is the special combination of fitted and melodious baroque instrumental elements of Coldwave, Gothic Rock, post-punk, among others, and an elegant singing centred on human nature with a deep, lively and powerful melancholy instilling a constant spleen. Franck, Explorer of contrasts, created, with this new project, a singular lyrical artistic universe.

Albums (Icy Cold Records)

– The first eponyme album “Human” released on december 23th, 2018. The author faces all his confinements and paradoxes. It is the struggle of an individual struggling with himself, confronting an inner confinement that he has always suffered of. The melancholic and raw compositions offer an access to the existential need of the opening to oneself and to the world by emancipating from chains of the past.

– The second album “Burning Icons” that will be released in 2021, keeps on bringing the listener to the universe of Human where the suffering of a lived isolation and misunderstanding expresses itself. The absurdity of life and society sentence mankind to find a singular journey where idealizations and misguided landmarks will have to be stripped of in order to finally find Freedom. The author assert himself in his desire of opening and emancipation through melancholic, poetic and committed compositions.

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